Facebook Photo Comments

Facebook has begun to roll our photo comments for all users. The new feature allows users to share images as comments on posts. The feature will be made available for user to user interactions, and it is an option to comment on page posts, as well.

Previously, Facebook would allow users to share an image as a comment by posting a link. It would then pull the image as a thumbnail for easy viewing. With this update, Facebook removes this middle step and allows users upload their images directly from their computer. These images appear larger than those shared by links and are hosted directly on Facebook. Users will not need to take the time to upload an image through a hosting site such as Imgur,photobucket  or many others.

Enoch Joy

This new feature was built in a hackathon by Facebook engineers and is being rolled out globally for all users today. Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin, who helped build this feature has said, “I hope this will make threads with friends more expressive and engaging.”

Currently, photo comments can only be uploaded on the desktop and mobile browser sites, but are currently viewable on the native applications.

Readers: Are you going to use photo comments?

Here I provide few funny Troll photos which you can use them in photo comments.

These troll which am providing is one of my collection on photo comments, You can use them in your conversation and have much fun in commenting.

Click download to download the Zip file where I have provided few troll photos which can be  used for photo commenting

All you have to do is download the zipped file and extract that file, you are done!!

So guys…Happy photo commenting !! 🙂



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