How To Download Subway Surfer Game For PC


As we all know that Subway surfer is one of the most popular game that gave tough competition for Temple Run. I think there is no need to give special introduction about this game. But the thing is it is an android app and can be played only on smartphones. Unfortunately many of us don’t have the smart phone.

Have you ever thought of playing this game in your PC? Is that possible ??

The answer is YES!!! now we can play this android game in our PC including windows 7/8 and all versions of XP. Isn’t that Awesome !!

So, How to get this game and where to download this ?? Read the post completely, you will get the answer 🙂


Here we go,

The thing is that Subway Surfer for PC is not illegal to use and also not provided officially, It’s all about Android Emulator which help us to play this game Subway Surfer on PC(Windows and Mac) Or the other method is we can download the game directly, get installed in our PC and run it…

Here  I provide the few simple steps which are very easy to follow to download the Subway Surfer PC for Free.


Click Here To Free Download Subway Surfer for PC. It will download the .exe file


Double Click on the file and install it into you PC



It will get installed into your system and you will find the game’s icon on desktop.


Click on the icon to play the game on PC for Free.


You are done!!

Now you can play Subway Surfer PC game for free…Isn’t it simple !!

Note: Make use of the mouse for the controls of the game