How To Make Your Facebook Secure

Security plays the major role in social networking sites…especially when we come to Facebook..

We don’t want our ID to get hacked and post something that embarrasses you!! Here I provide few tips which secure you account.



  • Make sure that you change you FACEBOOK PASSWORD frequently.
  • Do not log in to any stranger’s device to Facebook, there is  a possibility of key loggers destroy here.
  • If you have mobile number verification system don’t even give your mobile to any person,make sure that the person can’t even guess the recovery number.
  • Enabling secure browsing in Facebook prevents upto 90% of hack attacks.
  • Don’t log in to any pages that ask you to provide your ID and Password. It may lead to phishing attack.
  • Many hackers start their attack from the EMail ID of your account, make sure that your EMail is hidden in your Facebook ID.
  • Do not allow any unknown apps in you account.
  • Never open any links which say that they will provide free recharge or some crap, its a kinda trap were they steal our passwords.

Follow these few simple tips and make your account secure !! 🙂


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