Track Facebook Profile Visitors 100% Works

track profile visitor

As we all know that Facebook doesn’t provide any option to track your profile visitors as orkut do…But many of us want to know the profile visitors of their accounts

This made an evolution of lots of Facebook applications which say that they will track our recent profile visitors but none of they works in real..

I saw few posts in the websites saying that they will show the recent visitors by following few steps said by them…finally what I realized after wasting my time is all of them are fake!! none of them work in real…

So if none of the apps work, then how to track the recent visitors in that possible ? ?

Answer is Yes !! Finally I found a way to track the recent visitors and it works for 100% as it is no way related to any applications or some crap !!

We can track our profile visitors in our Facebook account it self !

Here are the few Steps you need to follow :-

Step-1 :

Log into your Facebook account.


Go to your home page by clicking on “home” button


Right click on any blank part of the page…you will get a pop-up, then select “view page source” in that.


Make a search for “InitialChatFriendsList” by pressing “ctrl+f “ in the source page


Next to this key word you will see the following :



Above numbers are the Facebook ID’S of your friends profile, Starting number is the ID of your Facebook friend who has visited your account most recent.

To see the person just copy the  ID  and replace it in the place of  “X”

Cheers You have just tracked your recent facebook profile visitor with this latest trick :)

I have tested it personally and it works for 100% .

Comments are always welcome :D


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