Hacking FAQ’S



Here I provide the answers for the most recently asked questions regarding hacking

Q.What is hacking?

A.Hacking is the art of breaking into computers to gain knowledge that our society has hidden from us. Hacking is illegal and the government spend lots of money each year to have hackers arrested…..when they should be spending the money on more important issues.

Q. What is a shadowed password?

A.A shadowed password is a cover for the real password file. It shows that the real password is hidden somewhere else.

Q.How do I crack shadowed passwords?

A.Cracking a shadowed password file is impossible. Assuming that you got the password file via anonymous ftp. You should try connecting to port 25 and doing the sendmail bug.

Q.What is the difference between an encrypted password and a shadowed password?

A.An encrypted password is just the real password scrambled and changed. It can be cracked with a password cracked and a word file. A shadowed password hides the encrypted password somewhere else other than the etc. dir.

Q. What is an exploit?

A.An exploit is something that exploits UNIX or another kind of OS. You usually use exploits to gain root or high access to a system. They can prove to be very handy.

Q. What are some basic telnet commands?

A.Below is a list of common telnet commands.

Command                                                                                    Function

access                                                                                             Telnet account
c                                                                                                        Connect to a host
cont                                                                                                 Continue
d                                                                                                        Disconnect
full                                                                                                    Network echo
half                                                                                                   Terminal echo
hangup                                                                                            Hangs up
mail                                                                                                     Mail
set                                                                                                    Select PAD parameters
stat                                                                                                 Show network port.
telemail                                                                                         Mail

Q. What is DNIC?

A. A DNIS says which network connect to the telnet you are using.

Q. What is NUA?

A.  The NUA is the address of the computer on telnet.

Q.  What is telnet?

A. Telnet is a program which lets you log in to other computers on the net.

Q. What is a virus?

A.  A Virus is a program which reproduces itself. It may attach itself to other programs, it may create copies of itself. It may damage or corrupt data, change data, or degrade the performance of your system by utilizing resources such as memory or disk space. Some Virus scanners detect some Viruses. No Virus scanners detect all Viruses. Virus scanners will work for a while but people are always creating virii that will beat them.

Q.  What is a Trojan?

A.  A Trojan is a program which does an unauthorized function, hidden inside an authorized program. It does something other than it claims to do, usually something malicious, and it is intended by the author to do whatever it does. If it is not intentional, it is called a bug.

Q.  What do I need to become a hacker?

A.  You should start off with a good scanner, some dial ups  a telnet client, and some knowledge of hacking. Those are the basic things that you will need. If you are serious about hacking then you should get Unix, or Linux(smaller, free version of UNIX).

Q.  What is a sniffer?

A.  Taken from the Sniffer FAQ.
Unlike telephone circuits, computer networks are shared communication channels. It is simply too expensive to dedicate local loops to the switch (hub) for each pair of communicating computers.






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