Hackers Test

To become a best Hacker, the basic thing you need to know is to find where you are and your technical skills in this competitive world.

Write the test which am conducting here and know your levels. This test was conceived and written by Felix Lee, John Hayes and Angela  Thomas.

Scoring – Count 1 for each item that you have done, or each question that you can answer correctly.

If you score is between:                  You are:                      

0x000 and 0x010                     ->         Computer Illiterate

0x011 and 0x040                      ->         a User

0x041 and 0x080                      ->         an Operator

0x081 and 0x0C0                      ->         a Nerd

0x0C1 and 0x100                       ->         a Hacker

0x101 and 0x180                        ->         a Guru

0x181 and 0x200                       ->         a Wizard

Note: If you don’t understand the scoring, stop here.

Click DOWNLOAD for the questions .

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