Truth About Hacking Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo ect (Part-1)

I wrote this post especially for beginners and for the people who have no interest in learning hacking but they need someone’s passwords at any cost.I want to clarify the misconceptions regarding Social Networking Sites hacking/Email Hacking etc.

Because those misconception will put you in big trouble. Usually when someone want to hack the password the most common thing that every one is just googling out like “How to Hack Facebook password”, “How to hack gmail/yahoo password” etc.
The reality behind this is you will be landed up to some malicious blogs or sites which will ask us to follow fu*king instructions where there is a chance that our own account get compromised.

To be frank even I did the same when I was a beginner.

Let us discuss what are the things that generally happened when ever we signed up for an account(gmail,yahoo, Facebook or any other networking sites)
The password you have selected will be stored in only two places.

1] In the website’s database.
2] The second one is obviously in your mind.

Knowing the details(your Id/Password) from the website’s database is highly impossible to any hacker as they will be paying millions of dollars for securing their database.
I have to say that HardCore hackers might get success in compromising even their systems database also.

The thing in which I strongly believe that hacking someone’s email account completely depends on foolishness/carelessness of the victim.

General FAQ’s which I usually  see in my blog from the visitors regarding the same topic are like :-

Do any free/premium online services exists to hack the networking sites ?


Obviously NO, there are no such services in the cloud.You might have logged on to many websites that claim to crack any
email password for some money, but they are fake and be aware of those.Never login to them and loose your money!!

Do we have any program/cracker/free/paid software’s exist to hack such accounts?


NO, You might have faced many free or paid software which assure that they will crack email passwords.
They generally ask you to enter the victim’s email id and they start generating passwords.If you remember I have already told you
where the passwords will be stored when ever you signup for an account. Now I don’t understand form where the hell these software would bring passwords to you!!
Remember one thing,when ever you come across this kinda things, for sure they are scam/rubbish.

There are many more frauds that must be considered regarding Hacking Facebook,gmail,yahoo etc.
I will the write my next post “Truth about hacking Facebook,gmail,yahoo ect (part-2)” asap…


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7 thoughts on “Truth About Hacking Facebook,Gmail,Yahoo ect (Part-1)

  1. There are millions of people talking about Facebook Account Hacking Tricks. However, a few ones who are in depth in HTML coding and IT can do that. Therefore, hackers are trying to find the best and easiest way to Hack the Facebook Accounts. Everyone knows that hacking Facebook accounts is not so easy because Facebook uses the UFD2 Hash to encrypt their users’ passwords and secure their information. Hackers have achieved success in unleashing a trick to hack Facebook accounts.

  2. hi guys, I do believe it is extemly hard to hack fb passwords using certain softwares but is it true that you can hack the passwords by misleading the victim ( hacking or phishing)? if so how does it work?

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