A Beginners Guide To Hacking

I want to begin this post by letting you people know what actually hacking is and what all things u need to know about hacking.
If your are really interested about hacking and if you are a good reader you will catch my points easily.
I believe that this post will defiantly help you in some or other aspects.

Lets begin with Advantages & Disadvantages

Most of the companies will hire hackers to detect flaws in there programs.
Getting things for free.
Will get more command on network.

Take’s much more time to learn as u need to practice a lot.
You may be prisoned.
Have to face fines.
Black Hat Hacking is Illegal.

Lets go into more details…

There are 3 types of Hackers.
Black Hat,Gray Hat and White Hat.
Lest differentiate them as follow.

Black Hat:
These Black Hatters are also called as crackers, they destroy the private information, sensitive information, deface websites, almost do all the illegal activities.
To become a Black Hat it would be difficult if you’re not willing to devote your much time in learning as it need more time.
By the way the Black Hatters won’t get any decent job because of the illegal activity.
May be not all of them do illegal things, but such people exits for sure.
In case if you are caught by Law Enforcement then your screwed for sure. Have to spend your rest of life in jail.

Grey Hat:
These Hatters lie between Black and White hat.
These Hatters most commit pranks that just for fun and they are harmless to others. but they can be illegal also.
It’s  unlikely or some users to take it as a joke because all are of not same mentality, Some might take it seriously if you go too far.
You can also be prisoned if you’re thinking  about becoming a Grey Hat.

White Hat:
White Hatters use there knowledge to fight with malware and flaws. More than half of them are friendly & can be trusted.
But we cant trust anyone because there are some White hats, but it’s more than unlikely for them to do harm to your computer.
White Hatters may have good future with better paying job like computer programming,security consultant.
Most of them will get settled well with job unless they do not do illegal activity.

Becoming a Hacker:
You are supposed to have great command in programming/operating system. Most of the hackers prefer Python for a coding language as you can create advanced programs using that.
There is no such kinda thing as learning a “Easy Language” as it takes some time  & concentration to achieve your goals.
You will be able to learn computer security, also known as exploits.

Getting Command Over Programming Language:
Python is pretty good language to start with because it has a neat design, understandable and easy for beginners.
It’s not just a software to joke around with, as it is very useful & even powerful when creating an advance project.
Java is also damn cool but some people don not value it as a good language to start with.

Coming to Perl it is also good earnig for practice reasons and is worth learning.
Mostly it is used for web pages and system administration.
Programming in C can be avoid by using the Perl.

Know about Exploit:
It is a piece of software and information that takes pro’s of bug or vulnerability in order to cause unintended behavior to occur on system software.
This includes gaining control of a computer system or allowing privilege escalation or a denial-of-serive attack.

There are set of ways to find exploits.
Most common way is vulnerability in the creators software.A remote exploit can work over a network and exploits the security vulnerabilities without access to the system.
A local exploit requires information before accessing the system.

Earn Respect As a Hacker :
Program software & release it to the community with the source attached.
Design a software which is useful to everyone, so the users will download them& give positive feedback.
If you do this soon it will be spread and you will become popular.

Try all the open-source software that users create.
If you can help them in any sort of way to make there software better & easy to use, I’m sure the creator will be thankful and mention you in the credits.
Try and find a program that is in the making.
Contact the creator and ask to beta-test it.
There’s a good chance of you beta-testing it before it’s released to the public.
You will also learn a lot this way and create good karma with others, so this way if you ever need help, they will offer you help as well

If you have had help in your current software than be sure to give credits.
Who knows, the person you’re working with may give you a good ego.

Things you Should Learn :

Learn at least one programming language.
Do some practical work.
Do some research.
Read all the related books.
Learn advanced information  about an operating system.

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3 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide To Hacking

  1. i would like to hack the bank and give money to the poor..of course i’ll keep some but mostly i wanna help anyone i can, i know little about hacking, and i don’t know where to start…think you can help me?

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