LG Optimus Vu-Latest Review


Display:  LG optimus Vu has rather odd aspect ration.The smartphone comes with a 5-inch display laid out across an unusually squarish body.It looks slight more stocky than most smartphones you’d come across in the market,owing the default 4:3 aspect ration of the screen.Watching videos in the Vu, however,lacks the optimal widescreen ration designed for viewing videos.This is not a hug nag however as an IPS-screen and decent viewing angles make up for it.

Audio: The audio on the handset is powered by Dolby Mobile and the volumes levels-both in-call as well as while playing media-is more than satisfactory. The ear piece is situated bang in the middle of you don’t place it right of your ear, the voice on the other side gets muffled. The headset is also pretty good and the ear buds are comfortable.

Camera: Coming to camera on the LG Vu is and 8-mpx cam. While it’s not the absolulte best in the market, it does a pretty good job of capturing pics that you may ultimately want to Instagram and post on Facebook.How snaps in day light is really good.

Stylus: Leveraging the superpower of the stylus that the LG Optimus Vu comes with, is the QuickMemo app. You have four pen Types and a bunch of colors to choose from.The smartphone even has a shortcut which you can use to quickly note down stuff even without having to unlock the homescreen.

Battery&performance: The handset doesn’t support external storage, so you can’t upgrade its storage memory with SD cards. But hopefully you wont need any as it is loaded with 32GB internal storage. LG optimus Vu is powered by 1.5Hz quad-core processor, thus making multi-tasking a breeze. It comes with 2,080 mAh battery but the massive screen means more power drainage than you would encounter on a smaller smartphone.Depending on your usage it will give you between 8-11 hours backup (non-continuous).

Love: Good display, bright screen, fast processor.

Hate: Unusual form factor, average camera result.

Rs 34,500/-


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