How To Spy or Track Gf/Bf Mobile Phone For Free

Actually this should not be done LOL….but I just want to make you people know about mobile phone tracing.
Phone On Map provide such a great facility. It gives us a free application that have to be installed in cell phone GPS thats it…now you are ready to spy or track the phone form anywhere with the help of internet.

This app works best with tracking members, official works, and even you track your children and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend too…ROFL
You can use the service when your travelling and it is worldwide too.
Phone On Map helps the marketing department companies a lot in many ways for tacking their marketing agents and one of the best part of Phone On Map is -here the data is stored on the company’s server for a period of one month.

Coming the terms of security and privacy, it provides the best security and your mobile device or cell phone cannot be monitored by any other Unauthorized User,You are supposed to authenticate your self with a personal code which was used as identification while installing on cell phone.

Few Features of GPS cell phone tracking system:
-This app fails to work when the phone is switched off.
-If the data transmission is outside the provider’s coverage area this will add roaming charges like other mobile service charge us.
-GPS cell phone tracker and locator will fail to work in the underground transportation.
-Over the internet tracking system will show cell phone location between every 10Min to Sec, that all depend on the settings you made.
-Once the app is uninstalled from the cell phone you can’t do any thing.

As of now this service does not provide the exact pin point location but the location determined s in the range of 10-20 meters.

However with little intelligence the exact location can be easily determined especially when you wish to track your children or the cheating girlfriend or boyfriend;)



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    • Dear friend, we are not here to hack you girlfriend’s id or password or something,
      we are here to share knowledge on hacking, if you want to learn some thing more about these kinda stuff..we are always here to help can catch us at “

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