Facebook Status Hack

Today am going to post some thing about how to change some ones status in Facebook.

I want to do this Facebook status hack trick with the help of SMS Global.

I will teach you every thing in detail way so that you can hack your friends status 😉

Coming to SMSGlobal it allows to send message to any number of our choice to any number. So lets take advantage of this 😉

Now lets learn how to  send Facebook a fake SMS from your friend’s registered mobile number.

By doing this ..according to Facebook that message was sent by your friend and his status will be updated according to the message you have sent.

here we go..follow the few steps as shown below

->Go to SMSGlobal.com
->Get registered with an account.
->Now log in to your account, Click on “Send SMS to a Number”
->Enter the information as I show

Send SMS To:       919232232665
   Sender ID From: Enter the mobile number of your friend which is registered with Facebook
Message:                 You can enter what ever you want. What ever you enter here will the status of your friend.

             Click on send SMS.

->You are done!! your friends new status is updated now.



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2 thoughts on “Facebook Status Hack

  1. Pingback: Facebook, passwords, hack facebook account, THREE FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS

  2. Havin’ problem in creatin’ new account.. Even i entered correct mobile number(s) it says ‘mobile prefix doesnot match the country’… Somebody help!!

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