How To Convert Webpage To Pdf


I have come across some websites that i wanted to save the page for later review. I found that i was having some problems and its stopping my a$# with certain sites.Finally i found a way around it.

what you need: adobe acrobat 6 pro or better popupcop

There may be some more other simpler way to do this but the way am going to teach you attracted me more and it works for sure 🙂

when at a webpage that you want to copy (YOU MUST BE USING IE AND HAVE BOTH POPUPCOP INSTALLED AND ADOBE ACROBAT 6 PRO OR HIGHER, ACROBAT ICON MUST BE IN IE TOOLBAR TO CONVERT TO .PDF), slide popupcops popup intensity bar to the far left, now click on adobe acrobat icon to convert webpage to .pdf document.

I have yet to find a webpage where this trick does not work.Am working on that….and i will post it shortly 😀



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