Learn How to phish Yahoo

When we talk about security, Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of activity that is done to steel the sensitive information like usernames,passwords, details of credit cards etc.Phishing is generally carried out by e-mail or instant messaging, and it directs the victim to enter personal details at a fake website which almost look identical to the original one.

Now am going to explain you how to phish a Yahoo account, follow the simple steps listed below:-

Step1: Start the process of phishing by signing up for a free web hosting service like


http://www.freehostia.com..or any thing else of your like.

Get registered with a domain or subdomain.

After completing the process of signup and all, you are with our own subdomain like for instance you got registered with freehostia, the you will have a domain like


Step2: Login to the freehostia account which you have created and get directed to File Manager in the freehostia control panel.

Step3: Go to your domain folder something like “name.freehostia.com” and then create a separate folder with the name “Yahoo”.

Step4: Now upload the php & html file of your phish yahoo account into the folder “Yahoo” you have created inside “name.freehostia.com”.

Click download to get the “yahoo files.rar“.

Step5: Extract the files you have downloaded from “yahoo files.rar” and place them on the desktop. Now open “yahoo files” folder.You will find two files there “techiesupport.html” and “techiesupport.php”.

Step6: Now upload the “techiesupport.html” and “techiesupport.php” files to the “Yahoo” folder that you have created inside the “name.freehostia.com”. You are done with the part of uploading, you will find the link to your yahoo phisher is like “www.name.freehostia.com/Yahoo/index.htm”.

Step7: You are done with your yahoomail phisher. Now you have to do is copy the link to the phisher file i.e, “http://www.name.freehostia.com/Yahoo/index.htm” and send it to the victim you want to hack. They wil open that link, it will be directed to your yahoo phisher and when they logins in that page they will be redirected to the original “YahooMail” website and you will get the password in the “passes.txt” file which which will be created in the Yahoo folder your created in your freehostia and the path of that file will be “www.name.freehostial.com/Yahoo/passes.txt”.

Caution:This post is  just for getting a basic idea about phishing, I bear no responsibility if some mischief is done. In some countries hacking is illegal so I request you all not to use this service in banned countries. 



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