Entrance And Introduction In A Job Interview

-Even though most of us are primed for the basic grilling that we would face during the interview, we seldom pay attention to the way we enter an interview room or how we introduce ourselves.

-A lot of people do not think it important to knock properly while entering the interview room. They assume that as an interview is taking place, the panel will be expecting them.This is a very major faux pas which really jars.

– In fact, the best way to enter an interview is to knock, ask for permission to enter and then give a firm shake hand and wait for a while before you actually sit down.

– Few interviewees know this but the interview panel needs a little quiet time to discuss the previous candidate before they get around to the next one.

-Your silence till you actually get seated would be very valuable.

-Your seating position must be stiff and your hands should free and should not lean on to the table.

-Try and keep a bag with you for all your papers and certificates.

-Please do avoid the habit of shaking your legs or swinging in the chair that shows you are not interested for the job.


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