Samsung Galaxy Note-II-Latest Review


  Samsung Galaxy Note-II

When the first Galaxy Note was launched a year back, my first reaction was “phablet? does any one buy that big phone?” But together the best of a smartphone

and a tablet over-whelmed my scepticism. I ended up joining the huge crowd at a mobile store to have a hands-on experience. let me describe the features of Note-II

Looks to be noted:

The most noticeable thing about the design is certainly the Corning Gorilla Glass 2-secured HD super AMOLED screen, measuring a whopping 5.5 inches.

A chrome bezel runs around the screen and the curved edges. The top porting of the fascia contains the Samsung badge, sensors, notification light and the front 2MP camera.

The bottom part contains one physical Home button and two capacities buttons for Options and Back operations. The rear plastic hatch opens up to  reveal the

massive 3100mAh battery and the micro-SD and micro-SIM slots.

Tech to be noted:

There aren’t many differences  between the NOTE and NOTE-II. But few parameters that aren’t alike make the NOTE-II entirely new device.

The NOTE-II contains a Quad-core 1.6GHz processor. This processor is meant for twice a fast and multi-tasking, without worrying about the core melting down.

Also NOTE-II has RAM upgrade to 1GB to 2GB. The memory storage options are divided into three in NOTE-II i.e, of 16,32, and 64GB with the options to expand upto 64GB externally.

Performance to be noted:

The TouchWiz UI was so fast-smooth.More over with JellyBean, the NOTE-II comes with Google Now, and the same ‘smart’ features that were  added on to the

S III, like smart Stay, S Beam,All Share, Direct call and all other motion and proximity related features that make it a good smartphone.

The new S Pen make NOTE-II different form the S-III. Slide it out of the slot and the NOTE-II shows the tablet part of the phablet.

Along the S Note app, the NOTE-II also featured Multi Window app functionality. The S pen is designed in such a way that if you just hover the tip of the S Pen over the

screen it shows previews of emails,texts, photos, much more. The S Pen cal also be used to make calls,find addresses send mails etc.

The 8MP camera, however dint quite impress.

Endurance to be noted:

As the battery has been upgraded from 25oo mAh to 3100 mAh, the NOTE-II’s battery life has increased. With constant WhatsApping,surfing,listening to music etc.

We finally notice that the NOTE-II cannot be called a phone. You can call it  a phablet, but in all essence it is quite an entertaining the productivity communication device.

Love- enormous battery, better S Pen features

Hate-Plasticky build, average camera.

cost-Rs 41,990



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