Blogger Vs WordPress-Latest review

WordPress and Blogger are the best and more popular blogging platforms in the present world.The users for them was increasing day by day.

They guide us how to make a blog and run it in simple way and create blog websites for free. The question arises is among the both what to chose  and why !!

So, here i gave a detail comparison of Blogger vs WordPress with their pro’s and con’s. Let us begin the WordPress


As we all know that the WordPress is more power full and popular for all time and it is providing its services for “n” number of bloggers for free in most of the cases.

Majorly WordPress is divided into two


–> self-hosted is a hosted version of and it is providing free platform with very limited features and also paid with premium features.

Generally is not much recommended because of its drawback in the case of themes and plugins.Most of they wont work with the free version.

Coming to it is a open source free software. Any user can download the software form and get it installed in their own server.

It’s totally free and no drawbacks with themes and plugins.The only thing is you are supposed to pay your hosting fees to your hosting provider.

Because of its open source facility it is very flexible so that you can customize  according to your needs. You own it on your server so you have full control over it.

You can install any themes and plugins on it as we have millions of themes and plugins available on cloud. One of the most advantage is you can define your own custom

tags, and it takes not even more than 5 minutes to install it on your server which saves much of the time.

It has some cons like, You are supposed to buy your own hosting and domain name.It is bit confusing but once you understand it it’s damn easy.

Finally, if you are on the way of making a professional site of blog self hosting supports you a lot. And if you are just a part time blogger move to Blogger.


Blogger is owned by the Google and its a free blogging platform. The thing which made Blogger more popular is its completely free.

It provide the user free domain with extension And in further you can also use your own custom domain with it.It is more user friendly.

Maintaining a blogger is much easy and there is no need of backup database. It provide an additional facility of displaying ads like Google Ad sense and amazon, many more.

Some cons of blogger are like restriction on storage i.e, it can support maximum up to 1GB, Limitation of designing compared to WordPress and No FTP support.


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