Tips To Hunt Your Your Dream Job

The 21 st Century has brought with it a wider and more diverse range of jobs than ever before. But that hasn’t really made the job hunt any easier. In fact, organisations have now become even more selective about hiring. Here are 10 tips to help you get your dream job.

Focus Your Job Search

Instead of submitting your resume to thousands of job openings on, classified ads and corporate websites, narrow your search to the jobs you’re truly passionate about. In 2010, Simply Hired found that 83% of people choose jobs they love over more money, and they should. By putting all of your effort into finding jobs at companies you’re interested in, you will have a better chance at getting your dream job. Your positive attitude, work ethic, body language and persistence will shine through in your interviews and will give you the competitive edge in the hiring process.

Average to strong working knowledge of English both, written and oral, is essential in the globalised workplace. Keyboard typing, MS Office and emailing are basic skills for all jobs with prominent employers. Cultivate a range of IT skills to enhance your flexibility for a wider variety of dream jobs.

Learning how to learn can be very useful in this era of rapid change. People who are curious and desire to keep up-todate will be in great demand. An employee who is able to apply new knowledge and technology efficiently to typical job duties assists the employer in meeting competitive challenges.

Demonstration of teamwork skills is as important for recruitment as it is for sports.

Brush Up on Your Soft Skills

Just being good at your trade won’t cut it anymore. You have to have a whole set of soft skills, including leadership, teamwork and communication, as well as emotional intelligence. In fact, CareerBuilder report that 71% of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ. You need to be able to deal with conflict in the workplace and get along with your co-workers. Employers want to hire employees that they can connect with both personally and professionally.

Tap into Your Network

Most job seekers don’t realize that the people around them can either hire them or refer them to a job. Don’t overlook your family, friends, professors, previous co-workers and the people that you meet at events and when you’re traveling. Also, make sure that you grow your online network using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. A recent survey by states that 1 in 6 workers have used social networks to get hired.


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