Hide your Ass online

Planing to do any illegals things and make them untraceable ?

Want to hide your Ass (IP) ?

According to my experience i suggest you to use Anonymizer .

what is Anonymizer?

  • Anonymizers are tools that allows or attempts to allow users to make their online activity untraceable.
  • Anonymizers are proxy servers effectively which acts as intermediary between the client and the actual server. Anonymizer attempts to provide a shield of anonymity by protecting the identification information of the actual systems that are using the service or resources.
  • There are various types of anonymizers that are available freely and commercially on the Internet. There are protocol specific anonymizers which only understand a specific protocol and can only mediate connections that user that particular protocol.

Getting Started:

There are few simple steps to be followed to use this tool legally.

–> Go to the below link –>http://www.anonymizer.com/

  • As you are in legal way you are supposed to create an account and pay around $79.9 bugs to get subscribed and move ahead

If you are interested to do things in ill-legal way here I am to help you ….

–> Go to the below link–> http://www.anonymizer.ru/ you will find a page as shown below:

  • As it is developed by RUSSIAN FEDERATION the entire site will be in Russian language.
  • There is no need of learning Russian language to use this tool, little common sense  will help to get through.
  • Go to the search bar at Right-top of the page as shown above.
  • Enter your address for example:  “www.google.Com” 

  • Press enter ..now you will go to the requested web-page, but the URL will be a “virtual sub-directory” of the CGI proxy.
  • You will be directed to the requested webpage as follow:

  • These are the few simple steps to be followed to hide your ass before u start doing something  ill-legal  on web.


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