Effective Tool To Hack IP Address Through Email

  • When you’re using an email program like Outlook its easy to request a read receipt from your recipient so you know when they’ve gotten your message. With web based email programs like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail however it can be a little harder to know when someone has read your email.
  • SPYPIG is the best tool to be used for tracking the IP through e-mail.
  • In addition to telling you that your email has been read, SpyPig also tells you the IP address of the recipient. I have tested it out on two email addresses on the same computer and SpyPig even let us know we might have opened our own email.
  • Follow the few steps listed below to track the IP address of the victim.
  • Go to —>http://www.spypig.com/ the page will be displayed as below

  • Move to spypig factory and follow below steps


Fill your email address


Give your message title


Select your SpyPig tracking image from the default pictures. ( you can also upload your own picture)


Click on create my Spypig. Copy and paste the image in your email message with in 60sec.

Enter the victims address and send the email.So if you send out a mass email then you’ll get a notification the first five times the email is opened

When ever the mail is opened(up to 5 times) you will get the notification with the IP address of the victim.


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