10 Ways To Improve Your Technical Skills

Here are 10 things you can do to improve your technical skills, regardless of your current skill level:

1. Read technical books:

One of the best ways to improve your technical skills is by reading books.  .  Today it’s far better to shop online because you can more easily find the true gems and avoid the lemons. Even when you opt to buy technical books locally (such as for an easy return if it doesn’t suit you), you can still check the online reviews to rule out the bad ones.

2. Read online tutorials:

The advantage of online tutorials over books is that they’re accessible, timely, and of course free.  The disadvantage is that they usually aren’t professionally edited, which can leave them lacking in completeness and/or clarity.  However, they often sport other features like abundant interlinking, user comments, and interactive demos.  Sometimes the comments are better than the original information, since they can contain lots of additional tips and suggestions.

3. Hang out with tech-professionals:

If you spend enough time with technical people, some of their knowledge will rub off on you.  Even professionals learn from other professionals, but if you aren’t much of a geek yourself, a great way to accelerate the development of your technical skills is to join a local computer club or users group.Once you start interacting with the tech-professionals you will earn much knowledge about the real-times cases problems faced in the industry.

4.Create your own web site:

Setting a goal to create a basic web site is a great way to learn practical skills like HTML and CSS.  When you have a compelling reason to learn, your goals will accelerate your learning, and you’ll learn with a focus on practical application.Having your own website gives you a greater awareness of products and services.  You do not have to focus solely on local markets as you can easily venture off into regional and international scenes. With a website, you have the freedom to post nearly anything you want.  Express your thoughts in a blog or create an e-commerce site for online business.  When purchasing service with a good web host, you can log into your account at any time and make alterations to the site when necessary.  This allows you to keep your content fresh and possibly stay ahead of the competition.

5.Embrace a variety of software:

General software productivity improves with breadth of experience, so use many different software programs (online or offline) to improve your overall ability to get things done through software.

6.Learn to program:

Programming is the art of instructing a computer to perform a task.  The key to accomplishing this feat is learning to think like a computer.  Programming is one of the most mentally challenging tasks a human being can perform, but nothing compares to the satisfaction of engineering a piece of code to solve a specific problem. It helps you in many aspects like Problem solving,Planning,Learning complex concepts,different perspectives,It’s fun and finally you can get a job.

7.Solve or update:

Sometimes you can’t solve the issue straight away so you must do the next best thing ‘Provide regular updates on progress until it is resolved’. Most people are reasonable and understand there is no magic wand so a little update now and then will show you haven’t forgotten them and make them feel valued as a customer.

8.Be Open to Ideas:

You may think the sign of a good manager is to have a department where everybody is busy at work on their assigned tasks. But if your people are merely “doing their jobs,” they’re only working at about half their potential. A truly productive department is one in which every employee is actively thinking of better, more efficient methods of working ways in which to produce a higher quality product. in less time, at lower cost.

To get this kind of innovation from your people, you have to be receptive to new ideas; what’s more, you have to encourage your people to produce new ideas. Incentives are one way you can offer a cash bonus, time off, a gift. But a more po­tent form of motivation is simply the employee’s knowing that management does listen and does put employee suggestions and ideas to work. Quality Circles, used by Westinghouse and other major firms, are one way of putting this into action… The old standby, the suggestion box. is another time tested method.

And when you listen to new ideas, be open minded. Don’t shoot down a suggestion before you’ve heard it in full. Many of us are too quick, too eager, to show off our own experience and knowledge and say that something won’t work because “we’ve tried it before” or “we don’t do it that way.”  Well, maybe you did try it before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work now. And having done things a certain way in the past doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily been doing them the best way. A good manager is open-minded and receptive to new ideas.

9.Have Something To Say:

Don’t assume that just because you’re saying something, people will listen to you. If you tend to blurt out anything that comes to mind, then people won’t place much weight on whatever you have to say.
The best thing to do is roll your tongue twice before asserting yourself.

10.Build relationships:

And finally build relationships.Interpersonal skills are important in the workplace, especially since so many organizations are designed around teams and departments. Seek to build friendships with peers, supervisors, clients, and business partners.

  • Befriend colleagues. Greet them when they get to work. Invite them to lunch or coffee. Talk for a few minutes in the break room as you are getting a drink. Participate in work events like softball clubs, staff lunches, and training days. Stay away from gossip. It only destroys relationships.
  • Learn to manage conflict in a healthy way. Address issues with the individual(s) involved in a private manner. Approach the discussion in a nonjudgmental, but assertive manner. Ask questions and try to understand their side of the story. Work together to find a solution.
  • Network with people inside and outside your organization. Ask people about their jobs. Share a bit about what you do. Note connections and ways you could potentially help each other. Exchange contact information and be sure to follow up with them.

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